National Arab American Heritage Month was recognized in April 2021 by President Joe Biden. This month commemorates the excellence of Arab Americans, their contributions to our nation, and celebrate the unique heritages, customs, and talents that they bring to our country. Although these efforts are recognized, there is also prejudice, bigotry and violence that Arab Americans face. However, this does not stop the amazing work that they continuously do especially in the field of communication and media.

Notable individuals include Noor Taghouri, Linda Sarsour, Noura Erakat, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, and Motaz Azaiza. These journalists and activists provide a voice to Arab Americans and are an inspiration to those wanting to become future journalists and communication experts. Organizations such as Al Jazeera and the Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association (AMEJA) are a couple of professional organizations dedicated to supporting Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African heritage journalists. They also give a broad and deep perspective on regional and international affairs by informing and empowering its audiences.

Taleb Al-Adbah, a doctoral student in the Strategic Communication PhD student at NSCM talks about his cultural background and traditions and practices he learned while growing up. Al-Adbah is a public relations researcher with a total of 8 years of experience, including over two years at the CEO office of Qatar Media Services, the most prominent media organization in the region. He also has a deep-rooted commitment to preserving the rich cultural traditions of Qatar, especially in the realm of falconry. As a member of the traditional hunting committee, he has worked tirelessly to teach sustainable hunting methods that safeguard desert habitats and mitigate overhunting issues in Qatar.

Al-Adbah states that, “in addition to my professional work, I’m currently pursuing a Ph.D. focused on the power of cultural dialogue in persuasion and perception change in public relations campaigns. Recognizing that Middle Eastern PR literature lacks tools for identifying emotional communication and the nuances of social and religious values, my research aims to fill this gap by finding measurement methods that can guide PR professionals in our region. I firmly believe that cultural preservation and effective communication are the cornerstones of our community. I’m eager to connect with professionals who share these interests and collaborate on projects that celebrate our cultural identity, promote sustainability, and advance the field of public relations in the Middle East.”

What is your cultural background? 
“I come from Qatar, which is located on the Middle Eastern peninsula. Historically, the people of Qatar were divided between the sea and the desert. Although the country and its people have developed significantly over time, there are still differences in dialect and accent among the population. Despite these differences, Qatari culture is characterized by shared norms and values rooted in Islam, Arab culture, and the unique role of Qatar in the region. Today, the population of Qatar is highly diverse and mixed, but these cultural values continue to unite the people.”

What traditions or practices did you learn growing up?
“As I mentioned earlier, I come from a Bedouin family that moved to the city, but we still take care of camels and falcons. My father taught me many things, like how to tend to camels and train falcons to hunt. He also taught me how to make Arabic coffee in the Majles, which is the guest room for men, and how to listen to the wise stories of the elderly in this room. Additionally, in Arab culture, hospitality towards guests is highly valued. It is important to smile, provide the best food available, and interact with guests to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere.”

Which language or languages do you use at home?

What holidays or festivals do you observe?
“Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha.”


By Majdulina Hamed.

Published to Nicholson News on April 4th, 2024.

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