A documentary featuring lesbians and queer women who contributed to West Hollywood in the 1980s will screen at 1 pm, Friday, Oct. 20, as part of Pride Weekend in Orlando.

The film Lesbians in Boystown is the work of Assistant Professor Betsy Kalin, and was previously shown in Los Angeles over summer 2023. Kalin was honored at that screening with a proclamation from West Hollywood Mayor Sepi Shyne in recognition of her contributions and dedications to creating a safe place for women to explore lesbian history.

Also in attendance was fellow Nicholson School of Communication and Media faculty member Associate Professor Barry Sandler.

Lesbians in Boystown honors lesbians and queer women who have contributed to West Hollywood since the 1980s while also asking questions around how to build and maintain community. The documentary ensures that lesbians and queer women will be visible for future generations while also showing that they are still making a difference today,” says Kalin. Kalin is currently fundraising to complete the film and more information is available at https://www.documentaries.org/films/lesbians-in-boystown/.


Professor Barry Sandler and Professor Betsy Kalin.

(L-R) Filmmaker Chris Chew, participant Sheri Lunn, participant Nadia Sutton, Mayor Sepi Shyne, Filmmaker Betsy Kalin, participant Marna Deitch, participant MoJen Jenkins, participant Zekiah Wright

(L-R) participant Diane Abbitt, participant Sheri Lunn, participant Nadia Sutton, Mayor Sepi Shyne, participant Marna Deitch, participant Claudette Colbert, participant Zekiah Wright, Filmmaker Betsy Kalin, participant MoJen Jenkins.


Published to Nicholson News on October 6th, 2023.

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