Film Professor, George Koszulinski, has exciting news regarding his films! His feature sci-fi film, Red Earth, was released by Amazon Prime this spring. The film is also slated for release on Apple TV and Tubi later this year. Also, with the support of NSCM and COS, Koszulinski will be traveling to present the film, The Baffin Bay Deglacial Experiment, in Vienna later this month. He will also be presenting the film in person the following week in the Czech Republic at AFO59—the 59th International Festival of Science Documentary Films. 

The award-winning sci-fi/drama, Red Earth, was released this spring via the streaming platform, Amazon Prime. This licensing agreement makes the film available to Amazon Prime’s 230 million users worldwide. Red Earth had its world premiere last spring at the 47th Atlanta Film Festival where it was awarded a special jury mention for cinematography. The film is a co-production of Substream Films and Lunar Kitchen Films, led by producers Georg Koszulinski and Tiffany Albright. More information about the cast and crew, reviews and interviews with the filmmakers can be found at  

RED EARTH (feature film; 64:00; USA) Red Earth imagines a world in the late Anthropocene, where large parts of Earth have become inhospitable to life. The story follows a single family across three generations, from the initial colonists to settle on Mars to the first expedition to return to an Earth decimated by interplanetary war. Red Earth utilizes a hybrid non-fiction/epistolary framework to recount the experiences of Kasei Harriot—the last woman on Mars to be born on Earth.  

BIO/Georg Koszulinski (Writer/Director/Producer) Georg is a multimodal filmmaker who has been creating films and videos since 1999. His work spans a wide range of forms and styles, from feature-length fiction films and social justice documentaries to short form experimental works. Georg’s recent work engages issues of the Anthropocene and explores his hybrid approach to fiction & non-fiction storytelling. His award- winning works have been presented at hundreds of film festivals, museums, and microcinemas around the world.  

BIO/Tiffany Albright (Producer) Tiffany a producer, writer, and director based in Greensboro, NC. Her work centers women and queer stories, and explores identity, gender, sexuality, and class in genre film. She’s been a finalist for the Stowe Story Labs Sidewalk Film Festival Fellowship and a quarter finalist for the Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship. Her short narrative and documentary films have screened at dozens of festivals around the US, including River Run Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, Indie Grits, Cucalorus, and more. 


The Baffin Bay Deglacial Experiment

The National Science Foundation-funded short documentary The Baffin Bay Deglacial Experiment will be presented at GeoCinema, a showcase of films that explore geoscience during the annual EGU General Assembly (EGU24), being held April 14-19 in Vienna, Austria. The short film will be presented by the film’s director and cinematographer, Georg Koszulinski. The General Assembly is Europe’s largest geosciences event, attended annually by over 16,000 scientists from around the world.  

Over the course of a month at sea aboard the Research Vessel Neil Armstrong, an international team of scientists attempt to gain insights into the Earth’s last deglaciation period. Around 15,000 years ago, the western margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet destabilized and retreated at an accelerated rate, but the reasons for this rapid deglaciation remain unclear. The Baffin Bay Deglacial Experiment (BADEX) seeks a greater understanding of this paleoclimate event, in the hopes of gaining deeper insights into climate change today.  

The short film was produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Georg Koszulinski. His Anthropocene Cycle films (2017-23) engage the climate crisis in its deep time/historical contexts while also imagining future worlds based on present trajectories. Over the past two decades, his films have been presented at hundreds of film festivals, museums, and microcinemas worldwide. His feature documentaries can be found on Tubi, Proquest, and Amazon Prime.  

The Baffin Bay Deglacial Experiment is a co-production with the BADEX Collaborative, Substream Films, and Lunar Kitchen Films. The BADEX Collaborative is led by chief scientist Dr. Rob Hatfield, and principal investigators Drs. Shannon Klotsko and Brendan Reilly. The project was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, with additional support from the 2023 European Geosciences Union Journalism Fellowship. 


Written by Georg Koszulinski 

Published to Nicholson News on May 7th, 2024.

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