Marilyn Salzman

Marilyn Salzman

User Interface Design Professional
and President Salzman Consulting
March 4, 1 – 2 p.m.

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Talk abstract:

Marilyn Salzman, an experience design strategist and the president of Salzman Consulting, will share insights from her 30-year journey in people-centered and business-savvy experience design. She will reflect on the importance of taking a comprehensive systems approach to design — whether it be for mobile, web, consumer products, business processes, or immersive AR/VR. She will identify some of the techniques she has found particularly useful when creating a vision for new products or experiences.


Marilyn has led UX teams to support a variety of large and small businesses, including Splunk, Salesforce, Cisco Systems, Oracle, GHX, Viator, and Merck. Prior to Salzman Consulting, Marilyn worked at Sun Microsystems, Genomica, US West Advanced Technologies, and the American Institutes for Research, where she designed and evaluated a range of online, consumer, and business products. Marilyn has a Ph.D. and M.A. in Human Factors Engineering and Applied Cognitive Psychology from George Mason University, where she designed and evaluated ScienceSpace, immersive VR systems for teaching science. Marilyn also has a B.S. in Engineering Psychology / Human Factors from Tufts University, where she gained her passion for interdisciplinary and people-centered design.