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Ann Miller, Ph.D.

The Nicholson School of Communication is full of faculty and staff members who make great strides in their fields and go the extra mile for excellence. UCF’s inaugural Luminary Award presentations, which rewarded faculty members making impacts on the world, were no exception. Ann Miller, Ph.D., Lindsay Neuberger, Ph.D., and Timothy Sellnow, Ph.D., were recognized for their collaborative work as the Nicholson School of Communication’s team.

Miller is an associate professor of human communication, whose research focuses on intercultural communication, health communication and instructional communication. Neuberger serves as NSC’s associate director of academic programs and an associate professor of human communication. Some of her research interests are health communication, health campaigns, risk communication and environmental communication. Sellnow is a professor of strategic communication, whose research focuses on bioterrorism, pre-crisis planning, and strategic communication for risk management and mitigation in organizational and health settings.

Lindsay Neuberger, Ph.D.

Miller, Neuberger and Sellnow combined their expertise in global-health research, collaborating with community partners and risk communicators to have a major impact on the world. Their work has helped shape the World Health Organization’s guidelines for communicating risk in public health emergencies.

“It was such a privilege to be honored alongside so many amazing UCF faculty doing truly impressive work resulting in meaningful impact in their fields, in our communities and around the world,” said Neuberger. “I was also really proud to be recognized with my talented colleagues. Working together on a team with Dr. Sellnow and Dr. Miller was such a great experience.”

The event, themed like Oscar night, honored those who are academic leaders in their field and are making contributions to the world that are having a significant impact. Created by Elizabeth Klonoff, vice president of the Office of Research and dean of the College of Graduate Studies, and Cynthia Young, a former vice provost, the awards are meant to recognize funded research as well as different creative works and scholarships that are important to the well-being of society. All of NSC is proud of these three shining faculty members.

Timothy Sellnow, Ph.D.

“We’re very pleased that these three members of our faculty received inaugural Luminary Awards for their outstanding research and we and look forward to their continued pursuit of excellence,” said NSC Director Robert Littlefield, Ph.D. “What makes us even prouder is the fact that they are also outstanding teachers and professional colleagues.”

Deans, chairs and directors from across the university nominated candidates based on the nominees’ past three years of performance. A panel from the Office of Research selected the winners. UCF recognized 45 faculty members in total during the inaugural presentations.

Other 2017 recipients are:

  • Ayman Abouraddy, College of Optics & Photonics
  • George Atia, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Candice Bridge, College of Sciences and National Center for Forensic Science
  • Necati Catbas, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Debopam Chakrabarti, College of Medicine
  • Zenghu Chang, College of Sciences and College of Optics & Photonics
  • Demetrios Christodoulides, College of Optic & Photonics
  • Alexander Cole, College of Medicine
  • Lisa Dieker, College of Education & Human Performance
  • Juli Dixon, College of Education & Human Performance
  • Keith Folse, College of Arts & Humanities
  • Hassan Foroosh, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Jayanta Kapat, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Naim Kapucu, College of Health & Public Affairs
  • Alexander Katsevich, College of Science
  • Annette Khaled, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, College of Medicine
  • Jennifer Kent-Walsh, College of Health & Public Affairs
  • Glenn Lambie, College of Education & Human Performance
  • Richard Lapchick, College of Business Administration
  • Katherine Mansfield, College of Sciences
  • Megan Nickels, College of Education & Human Performance
  • Griffith Parks, College of Medicine
  • Jonathan Powell, College of Sciences
  • Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz, College of Arts & Humanities
  • Lauren Reinerman-Jones, Institute for Simulation & Training
  • Anastasia Salter, College of Arts & Humanities
  • Swadeskmukul Santra, NanoScience Technology Center and College of Sciences
  • Mubarak Shah, College of Engineering & Computer Science and College of Optics & Photonics
  • John Schultz, College of Sciences
  • Eileen Smith, Institute for Simulation & Training and College of Arts & Humanities
  • Mary Lou Sole, College of Nursing
  • Gunes Murat Tezcur, College of Sciences
  • Jennifer Tucker, College of Health & Public Affairs
  • Geoffrey Turnbull, College of Business Administration
  • Deborah Beidel, Clint Bowers and Sandra Neer, UCF RESTORES Team in the College of Sciences
  • Subith Vasu, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Stephanie Vie, College of Arts & Humanities
  • Linda Walters, College of Sciences
  • Gregory Welch, College of Nursing and Institute for Simulation & Training
  • Pavel Zemliansky, College of Arts and Humanities

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