Jeremy has been making games since the summer after fifth grade, when he took his first programming class on Atari 800 computers. He spent his middle school and high school years inventing pen-and-paper dice games for sports simulations and coding simple ascii-based games on Commodore Vic-20 and later on a hand-me-down Intel 8088 PC from his aunt. Not knowing that “gamemaker” could be a career, Jeremy spent his college years at Florida State University studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, before taking his first job in May 1996 as employee number 20 at a little-known startup game studio in Longwood, Fla. called Tiburon Entertainment.

Jeremy has a wonderful wife of 25+ years (Tiffany) and two sons (Aiden and Logan), along with two dogs (Stella and Sophie). He is also an avid sand volleyball player and a very mediocre golfer. And in case all of that isn’t quite enough, he also enjoys gaming (sports, rpg, fps), puzzles (sudoku and other pencil puzzles), and reading (mostly fantasy) in his spare time.