Dr. John T. Murray is an Assistant Professor of Games and Interactive Media department at the University of Central Florida, USA. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2018. He is co-author of Flash: Building the Interactive Web (MIT Press, 2014) with Anastasia Salter and Adventure Games: Playing the Outsider (Bloomsbury, 2020) with Aaron Reed and Anastasia Salter.

His research includes Generative AI, interactive narratives and reality media (augmented, virtual and mixed reality). He investigates both existing and future computational media platforms and authoring tools and has published a number of creative works that explore those same platforms. He collaborated on Salt Immortal Sea, an interactive narrative exploring the experience of a refugee through the lens of ancient legends with Mark Marino and Joellyn Rock. His most recent creative research project is Shields Down, a VR interactive narrative about a futuristic holotherapy system that incorporates emotional input.

Murray is currently developing a collaborative cross-platform visual authoring tool, code named RealityFlow, that aims to improve computational literacy and improve the authoring experience for XR interactive narratives in the tradition of Twine. He also runs an enrichment program at local high schools that introduces students to virtual reality and the tools to create for and with it.

Recent projects: