Madeline Davis holds a Master of Arts in Digital Media: Visual Language and Interactive Media from the University of Central Florida and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Florida Atlantic University. Her scholarly research and artistic output delve into the intricate dance between embodied interaction and immersive experiences, bridging the gap between tangible art and emergent technology.

Intrigued and inspired by the dynamic evolution of technology, Madeline has expanded her artistic repertoire well beyond the traditional arts that marked the beginning of her career. Her intellectual pursuits have included a diverse array of mediums, embodying her belief in the fluidity of artistic disciplines.

Since joining the Games and Interactive Media department in 2018, Madeline has dedicated herself to fostering an environment of active learning. Her teaching philosophy underscores the importance of hands-on, collaborative experiences that encourage students to extend their creativity beyond digital interfaces. Her “Fundamentals of Game Art” course’s “Sticky Pixels” activity encapsulates this ethos. It challenges students to reconceptualize game art, integrating tactile art-making processes with digital artistry.

To witness the innovation and creativity that Madeline’s courses inspire, visit the “Sticky Pixels” digital showcase. This gallery exhibits an array of student projects from previous semesters and is regularly updated with the latest student creations. Explore the gallery here.