Dr. Natalie Underberg-Goode is Professor and Assistant Director, Games and Interactive Media, in the Nicholson School of Communication and Media. She is also affiliate faculty in the Latin American Studies program. Her research examines the use of digital media to preserve and disseminate folklore and cultural heritage, with a focus on digital storytelling and participatory new media design and practice. She is author of the books Multiplicity and Cultural Representation in Transmedia Storytelling (Routledge, 2023) and Digital Ethnography: Anthropology, Narrative, and New Media (Elayne Zorn, co-author, University of Texas Press, 2013), editor of a special issue of the international journal Visual Ethnography on Exploring Digital Ethnography through Embodied Perspective, Role-Playing and Community Participation and Design, and author of 34 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings. She has directed or co-directed multiple digital heritage projects over the years, including Portal to Peru (, which presents and interprets the weaving traditions and experiences of weavers in Cuzco, Peru, a project completed in collaboration with the non-profit Center for Traditional Textiles of Cuzco. She has been PI or co-PI on research and teaching grants and fellowships totaling nearly $205,000, in addition to receiving a competitive two-semester sabbatical at ¾ pay and being Key Personnel on a $185,000 Department of Education grant. These grants and fellowships include two Florida Humanities Council, two Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs grants, The Strong Research Fellowship, and flow-through funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Her research has been presented at more than two dozen national and international conferences, including the Bilan du Film Ethnographique seminar in Paris, France and the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA). In addition to research, Dr. Underberg-Goode has developed core courses for the Digital Media and Latin American Studies programs and electives for the Film and Texts and Technology programs at UCF. She has taught or teaches courses in a variety of areas including digital and interactive storytelling, research methods, video game history, and Latin American popular culture, as well as Visual Anthropology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru-Lima. She has served her profession through such activities as co-organizing four international and three regional conferences, serving on and previously chairing the Department of State Bureau of Historic Preservation Florida Folklife Council, being electronic media featured and reviewed projects editor for Visual Anthropology Review, electronic media reviews editor for the Journal of American Folklore, and digital story and electronic literature curator for Aquifer: The Florida Review Online.


  • Ph.D. in Folklore from Indiana University (2002)
  • B.A. in Sociocultural Anthropology from University of California, Berkeley (1996)

Research Interests

  • Digital folklore
  • Digital ethnography
  • Digital storytelling
  • Visual anthropology
  • Participatory digital methods
  • Latin American folklore and cultural heritage
  • Cultural heritage tourism
  • Peru and Latin Americans in U.S.


Selected Publications


  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M. Multiplicity and Cultural Representation in Transmedia Storytelling: Superhero Narratives. New York: Routledge.
  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M. The Evolution of Video Games. Dubuque, IA: Great River Learning (forthcoming 2018).
  • Underberg, Natalie M. and Zorn, Elayne (2013). Digital Ethnography: Anthropology, Narrative, and New Media. Austin: University of Texas Press.

Edited Collections

  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M. (Ed.) (2016) Special issue of Visual Ethnography on Exploring Digital Ethnography through Embodied Perspective, Role-Playing, and Community Participation and Design.  Visual Ethnography v5(2).


  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M., and Parrish, Jesslyn (2022). Designing Visual Communication to Encourage Conscientious Tourism. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change: 1-15.
  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M. (2020). Participatory Research and Design in the Portal to Peru. Annals of Anthropological Practice 43(2).
  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M., Andrews, Edwanna, Burke, Mike, Hill, Amanda, Horn, Elizabeth Brendel, Jones, Natasha, and Wheeler, Stephanie. (2020). I am UCF: Diverse Digital Narratives. Media Education Research Journal 9(1): 86-110.
  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M., and Boyd, Alex (2019). Life/Ways: Self-Expression through Digital and Interactive Storytelling. Storytelling Self Society 15(2): 225-245.
  • Hill, Amanda, Brown, James, Horn, Elizabeth Brendel, Sterchele, Alayna, Underberg-Goode, Natalie, and Schippert, Claudia (2019). Once in My Life: Behind the Scenes of an Intergenerational Theatre Production. Storytelling Self Society: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Storytelling Studies 14(2): 233-254.
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  • Underberg, Natalie M. (2006). Virtual and Reciprocal Ethnography on the Internet: The East Mims Oral History Project Web Site. Journal of American Folklore 119(473), 301-311.

Book Sections/Chapters

  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M. (2016) Conveying Peruvian Intangible Heritage through Digital Environments.  In P. Davis and M. Stefano (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Intangible Cultural Heritage.  London:  Routledge.
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Conference Proceedings

  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie, and Roney, Lisa. Curating Digital Stories for a Literary Magazine: Theoretical and Pedagogical Approaches, International DST Conference: Current Trends in Digital Storytelling: Research & Practices, September 2018, Zakynthos, Greece.
  • Hill, Amanda, and Underberg-Good, Natalie. Rewind: Unpacking the Media Ecology of Today’s University Students, International DST Conference: Current Trends in Digital Storytelling: Research & Practices, September 2018, Zakynthos, Greece.
  • Kim, Si-Jung, and Underberg, Natalie M. PeruDigital: Cultural Storytelling through Digital Ethnography, HCI, and Digital Media, HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) International, July 2011, Orlando, FL.
  • Underberg, Natalie M. Ethnographic Storytelling on the Internet: and the East Mims Oral History Project Web Site, Bilan du Film Ethnographique seminar, March 2006, Paris, France.

Conference Papers/Presentations

  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M. Parramore-Callahan Neighborhood Project. American Folklore Society convention, October 2020.
  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie, and Bahl, Erin K. Folklore, Ethnography, and Design. American Folklore Society convention, October 2019, Baltimore, MD.
  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M. Participatory Research and Design in the Portal to Peru. American Folklore Society convention, October 2018, Buffalo, NY.
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  • Smith, Peter, & Natalie Underberg-Goode.  “Role-Playing Reciprocity,” DiGRA (Digital Games Research Association), July 2017, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M.  “Digital Heritage.” Connecting to Heritage Studies in the U.S. convention (co-sponsored by the U.S. chapter of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies), June 2017, Jonesboro, AR.
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  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M. (2016).  Perspective and Role-Taking in Multimedia and Multisensory Ethnography, American Anthropological Association convention, November 2016, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M., Jody Norman (chair), Ross Brand, and Eric Griffiths (2016). Panel:  Preparation, Preservation, and Presentation:  Archives and Folklife Collections.  American Folklore Society convention, October 2016, Miami, FL.
  • Underberg-Goode, Natalie M. Virtual Cultural Rehearsal: Addressing Digital Humanities Concerns in the Design of Mixed-Reality Cultural Immersion Projects. NEH Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities symposium (UCLA), June 2016, Los Angeles, CA.
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  • NSCM Outstanding Contribution to Inclusive Culture award (2023)
  • Inductee, UCF Scroll & Quill Society (2020)
  • Outstanding Paper, 2015 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence, for article “Cultural Heritage Tourism on Peru’s North Coast” (selected by the editors of Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes).
  • 2007 Dorothy Howard Award, Second Place (for leadership and excellence in Folklore & Education for the project; co-recipient)
  • Phi Beta Kappa (inducted 1996)
  • The Strong Research Fellowship


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