Tim Ritter received his MFA in Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema from the University of Central Florida and his BA in Journalism from Auburn University. He has written and directed two feature films, Testament and Moment of Truth, which have played in festivals around the world and which followed a string of award-winning short films. His films, which frequently examine how ancient concepts of morality emerge in and clash with a cynical modern world, are built on a hyper-efficient yet ambitious micro -budget methodology that stresses smart maximization of available resources. Ritter has also worked in video production as a producer of instructional videos for rising tech company Treehouse, served as the Programming Director for the Fort Myers Film Festival, taught and designed courses as part of the online faculty for The Los Angeles Film School, and spent 10 years as an award-winning journalist at newspapers across the Southeast and as a regular contributor for The Associated Press. He has experience teaching classes dealing with both film criticism and film production, primarily those that address directing, working with actors, and films’ development and preproduction processes.