Jonathan Conway, Director of Forensics at NSCM, talks about the recent success of the UCF Speech and Debate team and shares his hopes for the new year.

Coming off a top 15 finish in 2023, UCF Speech and Debate had high hopes for the 23-24 season. With an outstanding group of five seniors the team embarked on their season with energy and enthusiasm.

This senior class is the one that got us through the pandemic. I was excited to give them a worthy swan song (final gesture). Charging beyond expectation, the Knights of Speech and Debate won 4 team awards over the course of 6 tournaments, with more than 20 individual final rounds and six individual tournament championships.

The future looks bright as well. 9 new members competed for UCF this semester, several seeing great success, including undefeated prelim records in debate and a pair of tournament championships in individual events (speech).

Our immediate team goal is to win a state championship and that requires quality from the seniors to the freshman. This year looks like it could be a good one. UCF has won 4 of the last 6 combined state championships and 7 consecutive titles in debate. The next competition on the horizon is in Glendale Arizona where they will compete at the Pi Kappa Delta National Convention and Tournament with hopes of reclaiming a top ten ranking.


By Jonathan Conway.

Published to Nicholson News on December 6th, 2023.

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